Welcome to Yakult’s Virtual Factory Tour

Our Factory is organized into four major stages of the manufacturing process.

  • The green rooms make the Yakult drink itself.
  • The blue room checks the quality of Yakult.
  • The yellow room makes the Yakult bottles.
  • The pink rooms fill and package the Yakult bottles.

Click the room names to see each movie.

Opening Session for Yakult

Welcome to Yakult USA! Let me tell you all about Yakult.

① Seed Room

The process of manufacturing Yakult begins in this Seed Room. This is where we start culturing the probiotic strain, L. paracasei strain Shirota.

② Culture Room

The pasteurized milk solution is added to the culture tanks. It stays in these tanks for cultivation until the number of L. paracasei strain Shirota reaches the optimal level for making Yakult.

③ Mixing Room

The milk solution containing the probiotic strain, L. paracasei strain Shirota from the Culture Room is mixed with syrup. Without the syrup, the milk solution would be too sour to drink on its own.

④ Quality Control Room

The final products are quality tested regularly, and intermediate products are evaluated at every phase of the production process. Thanks to these tests, we can supply safe and delicious Yakult to our customers.

⑤ Bottle Making Room

We have six bottle molding machines. Each machine can make about 8,000 bottles per hour, which means that this room can make 48,000 bottles per hour.

⑥ Filling Room

The bottles are labeled, filled and sealed. 40,000 bottles are filled per hour, which means more than 10 bottles are filled per second.

⑦ Packing Room

Yakult bottles are shrink-wrapped into the "five packs" just like how you see them sold in stores. Then they are arranged to form a 10-pack case.

⑧ Palletizing Room

Two robots automatically stack the Yakult cases. One pallet takes about 15 minutes to complete, and one pallet contains about 9,750 bottles!

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